Jacob May Design is a California-based design company founded in 2013 by woodworker and designer Dave Ball. The company specializes in producing classic American furniture and accessories that are simple, elegant and made ethically from sustainable materials.

Material choices and finishing practices reflect the belief that furniture grows more beautiful and unique with age and use.

In 2023, after a decade of overseeing the production of every JMD piece in-house, Dave made a decision to partner with several heirloom-quality furniture studios situated in the Northeast of the United States.   These distinguished studios that share the values of domestic manufacturing, employee welfare, and uncompromising quality now undertake the production of select collections after they have been built many times over and meticulously refined by the founder.


With the help of a trusted assitant, Dave continues to produce pieces from several collections, develop new designs and take on the occasional, inspiring custom commission at his woodshop in Santa Barbara.