Due to COVID and the upcoming holiday season, lead times for FURNITURE orders range between 14-18 weeks depending on the specific piece.

Collection: Lore

This collection of classic and simple furniture pieces was named in honor of my grandmother who passed away shortly before I developed the line. Bold dimensions combined with soft edges and functional brass details give each piece in the collection an aura of strength and beauty. All furniture in this line is crafted by hand in the Jacob May Studio located in Oakland, California. I oversee a small crew of woodworkers who assist me in building heirloom-quality pieces that are guaranteed for life.

  • Lore Bed

    Lore Bed

  • Lore Side Table

    Lore Side Table

  • Lore Dining Table

    Lore Dining Table

  • Lore Dresser

    Lore Dresser

  • Lore Console

    Lore Console

  • Lore Sideboard

    Lore Sideboard

  • Lore Standing Mirror

    Lore Standing Mirror

  • Lore Bench

    Lore Bench

  • Lore Ladder

    Lore Ladder

  • Lore Wall Mounted Mirror

    Lore Wall Mounted Mirror