Quitokeeto Knife Strip

We had Jacob May hand-craft these bleached maple knife strips to showcase knives in our San Francisco studio. Pale, bleached maple is offset with brass hardware in a gesture of beauty and functionality. Neodymium magnets make the strips strong enough to handle large cleavers and chef's knives. The strips keep knives safe from damage and allow for easy access. A lacquered finish protects the strips and makes them easy to clean. We currently have a limited amount of them, but if there is demand, we'll produce more.

To install: The strips couldn't be simpler to mount (Heidi installed the ones at the studio in less than five minutes). Each one comes with a small kit including: detailed mounting instructions, the brass hardware and anchors, and the appropriate drill bit. Because of the anchors, locating studs in your wall isn't necessary. Aside from the included kit, you just need to have (or borrow ) a drill.